Philosopy of Science Home Exam 2015
Author: Avshalom Elitzur
Philosophy of Science course
This is a semestrial course that I give in Weizmann Institute for more than a decade. It always reminds me the answer of Rabbi Mendel of Kotzk to a person who asked him what profession should his son choose. “Make him a teacher,” replied the Rabbi, “for he may encounter a bright student and learn something new.”

This lecture was given in Perimeter Institute twice, because a certain prima-ballerina could attend it, so a second one was organized especially for him/her. Eventually, it came out quite a different lecture.

By the way, the person who keeps asking me tough questions is no other than James Hartle!

Schrodinger's Cat: Quantum versus classical world? (2003)

I had the privilege of teaching a course together with one of quantum mechanics' most inspiring experimenters and thinkers, whom I came to know also as a splendid person. Schööön!


Thermodynamic Foundations of Life Sciences
Author: Avshalom C. Elitzur